Detailed Home Maintenance Checklist

Have you struggled to keep up with basic home maintenance in the past? If so, there’s an easy solution to this problem. Break things down to a checklist so that you can handle things one task at a time, taking a look at Fourwalls can give good indicators on where to improve.

A single task won’t take much time, but you’ll be able to see the results when all of those tasks are added up. If you regularly devote time to home maintenance, you’ll be able to ensure that your house remains in excellent condition.

Just follow along with this basic checklist:

Weekly Tasks

What you do each week will vary based on your home’s needs. With that said, these are a few of the tasks you may want to take on.

Clean your hardwood flooring using a dust mop. If you have carpeting, you’ll want to vacuum it instead.

Spend some time on your bathrooms. You don’t need to clean it from top to bottom. Instead, you can take on simple tasks, like:

Cleaning hair out of your drains.

Checking your tiles and repairing any damage.

Every week, you should make sure your appliances are clean on the outside. You should also give one appliance an exterior cleaning. One week, you could clean your dryer. The next, you could clean your refrigerator.

Monthly Tasks

These tasks need to be done regularly but can be hard to find the time for. When you have a free afternoon, try to take some of these tasks on.

Clean your range hood, along with your filter.

Check your furnace filter to see if it needs to be replaced or cleaned. Caring for your filter can improve furnace performance, which means you’ll spend less on utilities.

Dust all of your fixtures and polish all of your furniture. Clean your baseboards as well.

Inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so that you can see if batteries need to be replaced. Check to see if your fire extinguisher needs to be charged.

Spend some time outside your house to see if you can spot potential problems. Is your siding damaged? Are trees or shrubs growing too close to your home? If you do spot issues, you’ll want to resolve them.

Annual Tasks

These tasks can be a big job, which is why you only need to take them on once each year:

Take the time to clean storage spaces in your home, such as your loft or garage. This may not be a pleasant task, but when it’s finished, you’ll feel a strong sense of accomplishment. Better yet, it’s likely that you’ll find some items that you can give to a charity shop. You may even be able to sell some things for extra pocket money!

Washing both your windows and screens can improve the flow of natural light. People usually take on this task at the start of spring, but it’s something that can be done at any time.

You should choose an outdoor improvement project once each year. Make sure you have enough time to finish the project. This project could be installing a new fence, repainting your home, or doing some work in the garden.

Your gutters should be cleaned out. Trees and bushes that are close to your home should be removed. To prevent pests, you’ll want to have wire grates installed in holes.

Pick a room to improve each year. This can be any room in the home, from a bedroom to a bathroom. There are plenty of ways to improve a room, including replacing curtains, adding a rug, or repainting the space. Taking inspiration from online can open your mind to trying something new that you haven’t thought about, House of Fisher enables you to open your mind to what is out there and what you can do to improve your living settings.If you manage to do this once each year, it won’t be long before your entire home is upgraded.