What Employers Want From Workers In Finance

As experts in recruiting in the finance industry, we’ve had the opportunity to work alongside a number of clients, helping them to fill a variety of roles. Below, you’ll find some of the most essential skills that employers are searching for:

Current Credentials

Whether you’re working as a finance director or an accountant, you’ll need to make sure you have the appropriate qualifications for the job. Specific requirements can vary based on the market you are working in and how a business is structured. With that said, any business wants to make sure that a candidate’s skills are current.

Being Able To Work As A Team

When an employer is looking to hire someone, they often ask if the candidate has teamwork skills. At one point in time, many people had a negative view of those who worked in finance. People believed that finance workers simply wanted to shut down ideas and concepts. Although these beliefs were always misguided, people that work in finance need to be able to push back against these misconceptions. It’s important for finance to be seen positively. After all, a strong finance team can help a business to grow. Finance professionals should play an important role in projects, working directly alongside people that do more creative work.

Anyone seeking a job in this industry should have strong interpersonal skills. They also need to be able to understand how other teams operate and what their goals are. Above all else, it’s important to listen to other people when working on strategy.

Strong Communication Skills

There are a number of soft skills that are important in the business realm, particularly in marketing businesses such as Bang Consulting. Communication is key, and workers need to be able to clearly communicate with people that don’t work in finance. That’s why it’s essential to be able to explain financial concepts in language that the average person can understand. It’s not unusual for an employee working in finance to have minimal supervision. Short deadlines are also common. Because of this, workers need to be able to demonstrate leadership skills and motivate others.

According to the research we have conducted, communication skills are more essential than:

In order to motivate people that work inside and outside of finance, you’ll need to be able to communicate concepts using everyday terms. You can’t just add up numbers and pass them along. You need to paint a picture. There’s always a story behind the numbers. Because of your background, you should be able to see it. It’s your job to share that story with others.


When clients approach us, they’re very aware of what they need from the finance workers that they higher. They also have a great deal of insight into how career development operates.

They know that the majority of workers won’t stay with them indefinitely. However, they do expect workers to be dedicated to the job they are hired for. They want workers to focus on both personal growth and the growth of the business.

The Ability To Learn And Change

Clients want to hire people that are very motivated and looking to learn new skills. This is beneficial to both the worker and the company. It’s assumed that hires will have the technical skills for the job. They want to make sure that new workers are willing to adapt as needed.