The Ultimate Checklist For Taking Care Of Your Home

By breaking your home maintenance tasks into small pieces, you will be able to get and stay on top of your home maintenance efforts. Fourlabs will guide you and break things down in to more manageable prospects for you and your home.

All of the little things can add up to big results. If you manage to dedicate enough time to proper home maintenance, you can keep your home looking great throughout the entire year.

Here is our curated checklist for home maintenance:

Weekly Home Maintenance

Any weekly home maintenance will be determined by the features that your home has. However, a lot of homes should have a list with the following tasks:

Give your carpets a thorough cleaning. You will want to vacuum your carpets and use a large dust mop over your hardwood floors.

Perform some bathroom maintenance. Remember, keep things simple and break the maintenance tasks off into little pieces. Some examples that you could use for your bathroom would be clearing out the drains and even repairing grout in your bathtub.

Clean a single appliance inside and out at least once every week. You can start with your refrigerator and move onto your dishwasher and continue on until you have taken care of all of your appliances.

Monthly Home Maintenance

These typically include all of the different projects that we should be doing regularly but that we don’t necessarily do enough. Pick a free afternoon you have and get to work.

Clean the range hood and filter.

Clean the furnace filter and even replace it if you need to. This can keep your furnace working as well as possible and it can even save you money in utility bills over the long haul.

Polish any and all of the wood furniture you have throughout your home and wipe down all of your baseboards.

Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that you have situated throughout your home.

Inspect and work on the outside of your home to ensure that you repair anything that you see including having damaged siding or other issues.

Yearly Home Maintenance

There are also larger tasks that you want to take on a minimum of once per year. These are as follows:

Clean and organise your entire home. You want to go through room by room including your garage, basement, attic, and more. This is something that no one actually enjoys doing, but it can feel very good once you get it done. If there is anything you want to keep but need to put away until you have de-cluttered your home blue box storage is a safe and secure company that will allow you to store your belongings for a feasible price.

Wash all of the windows inside and out. This includes cleaning the screens. While you might think this is purely a Springtime thing, it can be done at any point throughout the entire year. This can help you keep your windows looking as good as possible all-year while giving your home the benefit of getting more natural lighting.

Look to complete an outdoor project once per year. Whether it’s installing a brand-new fence, refinishing a deck, or pressure washing your patio.

Clean out and remove all of the debris from your gutters and even install a wire grate to ensure that you are able to keep all of the pests out.

Try to clean and freshen up at least one room in your home by giving it a makeover of sorts. Do this at least once per year and you should be able to have your home looking great in a few years.