How to Maintain Your New Conservatory

A home conservatory, also known as a sun room enables you to enjoy sunlight without having to go outside your house. Whether you have installed the windows yourself, or have hired a solidor door designer for the work, your conservatory needs to be located in a place that gets a good amount of sunlight, so you canĀ  use it to entertain your guests, a reading space, a family room, and so on. However, to keep your home conservatory feeling and looking good, you have to ensure that it is properly maintained. This article is going to give you a few tips that will help you maintain your home conservatory.

Tips for Maintaining Your Home Conservatory

1. Ensure that Your Home Conservatory is Properly Ventilated

Good conservatory ventilation is very important as it makes your conservatory very comfortable. Ventilation will help keep your conservatory at the ideal temperature using wind and drafts when applicable.

It will also prevent condensation on the glass and keep your home conservatory looking good as condensation on the glass can ruin the look of your conservatory. Open doors and windows on a regular basis to enable the room to air out. If opening doors and windows is not an option, consider using trickle vents.

2. Apply Sealing

Sealing can help you ensure that your home conservatory is properly maintained. Apply mastic sealing anywhere with cracks or opening to the world outside. Doing so will help you make the conservatory retain heat in the colder months. It will also help in preventing unwanted bugs from entering your house.

However, after applying the sealing, avoid using a pressure washing apparatus on your home conservatory as it can destroy the integrity of the sealing.

3. Ensure That Your Windows Are Properly Maintained

The condition of your windows is a major factor in the aesthetics of your home conservatory. You can ensure that your windows are always neat by following recommended window maintenance routines.

Wipe down your windows using a damp cloth on a weekly basis. Every few months, clean the window using a squeegee, a soft sponge, and some window cleaning product to give the window a good, deep clean. Even though the double-glazed windows you are supposed to use in your home conservatory are easier to keep neat than regular glass, they are not 100% maintenance-free.

4. Ensure that Your Hinges Are Always Well-Lubricated

It is good to ensure that all the metal parts and hinges of your home conservatory are always well lubricated. For our metal hinges, this means using an oil-based lubricant. If you use any runners or plastic hinges for your home conservatory’s windows, then an aerosol-based spray will be ideal as an oil-based lubricant will cause the hinges to gum up.

Home Conservatory Maintenance Made Easy

There you have it. Just follow the tips mentioned in this article and your home conservatory will always be in tip-top condition all year round. If you would like to add double glazed windows to your home conservatory for easier maintenance and better temperature control, contact us so that we can help you out.