5 Crucial Facts That Employers Want When Recruiting Finance Professionals


In our profession as finance recruitment specialists, we work with various clients that need help with different roles. Some of the essential facets that employers request we find in candidates include:

Up-To-Date Credentials

The roles that finance directors and accountants have varied requirements. Even if you should have the necessary qualifications for the job, much of what is expected is centred around the structure of the business and its target market. Therefore, you must be current regarding the latest trends within the industry and market, taking guidance from billing solutions is a key indicator of experience.

Positivism and Teamwork

Teamwork is another issue that employers seeking new workforce for their finance department ask us to consider in the potential candidates. They want professionals that can work as business partners. Gone are the days when the finance functions had a negative perception. Whereby these professionals were the bean counters known for shooting down ideas. But this was never entirely accurate. However, today, finance experts do more than countering that notion to become a positive force that drives the growth of a business or organisation, working within the creative spaces and taking on essential roles in different projects.

As a result, the finance team thrives on interpersonal skills by developing an understanding of each member’s objectives. While working collectively as a whole. It builds fluidity, enabling people to stay open as they contribute to the success of the group in the execution of strategies.

Explaining Finance in Non-Financial Language

Soft skills are necessary for efficient business partnering. They are centred around interacting, communicating with people within and outside the finance team. Candidates are expected to have creative ways of expressing what finance is and does in layman’s terms. A finance specialist will, at times, have to work unsupervised, under tight deadlines, be a source of motivation for others, and exude leadership qualities.

Strong communication skills are an essential part, Being able to motivate people that understand finance and those that do note. It requires a talent for explaining things that are within the number practically using real-world terms. Therefore, you must do more than make the maths balance, and the numbers make sense. It would help if you injected life into the figures. Numbers always tell a story, and with your finance expertise, you can see and understand it when others cannot. Therefore, find the story and then tell it in a manner they can comprehend.

Being Committed to The Cause

Most clients we work with are not only keen on knowing what their businesses need and require from finance specialists but also are realistic about the recruitment of these professionals and their career development.

They know that employees come and go. However, they do expect them to be committed to their respective roles in driving the growth and the organisation’s success while using that experience as a steppingstone to their personal and professional growth.

A Will to Adapt

When it comes to a willingness to adapt, this is all about having a hunger to learn and grow. Clients look for candidates who are self-motivated like Bould bookkeeping and strive to home their skills. Such professionals desire to progress and will be beneficial to the company as they do what they can to move up the ladder within the finance department. Business partnering brought finance out from the shadows, causing the technical qualifications that used to define the profession fade.