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Résultats du concours
By Sandrine
On 03.01.14
Here's the results of the Webtrip Season 2 Contest ! The objective was to make Emma's camera travel in a new episode... 
The jury, composed of the authors of Webtrip, of the scenarist and a member of Lyon BD Organisation, selected the winners.
Congratulations to Prims (amator) and David Combet (professionnal) ! 
Read Prims episode
Read David Combet 's Episode
Thank you to all the participants : 
L'album Webtrip Saison 1
By Sandrine
On 18.11.13

C'est parti ! L'album Webtrip Saison 1 "Jules et Romane" arrive. À partir du 5 décembre (lancement à la Librairie Raconte Moi la Terre en présence de JC Deveney, Jérôme Jouvray et Hélène Becquelin) vous pourrez le trouver dans plusieurs librairies lyonnaises, et en ligne en le commandant dans la boutique Lyon BD

The Contest
By jcdeveney
On 27.06.13

That’s it! The 12 Webtrip episodes are now online and Emma finally reconnected the bond that tied her to Gustavo.

However, this only is the beginning of Webtrip! Starting from this initial plot, you are invited to join the project and submit your own Webtrip episode.  

It’s now your turn to take over the characters and the six degrees of separation theory and to tell what happened before, after or in between the first 12 episodes.

You can also imagine the itinerary of some characters or create new ones who will have Emma’s camera in their hands.

The whole thing takes the form of a contest with three rewarded categories: Amateur, Student, and Professional.

Whether you are European, American, African or Asian, the project is open to all! Introduce us to your area of the world and make us journey a little further.

Registration and additional info on the “Contest” Tab (riiiiight up there).


The Map
By jcdeveney
On 27.06.13

The Map

France, Argentina, Brazil, Germany …. The purpose of Webtrip is to make you journey through the stories and the minds of the authors. To dive further into discovery, the Map Tab (up there, on the right) allows you to see where each page of the story takes place.

Putting the amazing Web resources to good use, the ingenuous engineers from the ECAM School led by Bertrand Guillaumond actually created a Geolocating system. This way, every place that appears along the episodes is pinned onto a Google Map so that the camera and/or characters’ routes can be traced.

So, next time you pass through Florianopolis, feel free to have a drink at the Arantes bar in memory of Lucas, Lucio and Eduardo!

Webtrip 01 - Crowdfunding
By jcdeveney
On 13.05.13

You are following Webtrip Season 02? You like it? Then come and discover the first season.

It was realized last year, from April to June, 2012, by 11 European authors and 1 from Quebec. It is about the crossed roads Jules and Romane hit across the Old World (and some of the new).

And if you feel the urge to display this first season in your bookshelf, join us on and help us finance the album printing by pre-ordering a copy or contributing on the scale you see fit.

Merguez by DavidCombet
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